In the beginning...

GraphicKandy was founded in 1995 in Glendora, CA. Since our humble beginnings GK has gone through great modifications and has continued to grow with great strides in web design, Flash web creations and graphic design that has spanned the industry.

Our motto is 'We are always here to help;' to help you exceed and propel your website and its SEO functionality to great heights. This has served us and our clients well over the years with 90% of our designed websites still running since as far back as 2003. Let us know how we can serve you by dropping by our Contact Page. For the Sweetest Designs at the Sweetest Price, you have come to the right place!

Graphickandy design

We have a tried and true method of design, service and support. It has served us and our customers well for many years. We are a high-end graphics firm made for big and small businesses alike. Put us to the test and see that GraphicKandy is your number one choice for web and design.

For the sweetest deals on the web... GraphicKandy.

Although every project is unique in its specifics, all websites follow the same key steps of development. These stages are the core of creating a professional website, but they are just the beginning. We can add other "bells and whistles" along the way as needed to shape your website to suit you.

Design and deployment take time. Much needed time to deliver the best for you and your business. The time frame encapsulates Design, Developement, Functionality, Connectivity, tesating and Launching. The end result is a fully user-friendly experience that will put you at the top of their site lists.

What is your goal for the project. Projects vary and likewise so does pricing. Contact us today to get a quote by clicking here!